The Awareness of Awareness

Hi, Ted.


I am reading on pp. 114-115 of “Self-Knowledge: The King of Secrets” about the self. It always gives me pause when I read that we cannot experience the self.

I don’t know whether this agrees with Vedanta, but I have heard/read that I am Awareness aware (only) of Awareness. In my normal way of understanding, it seems to be the case that I am “sensing” (albeit without sense organs)/experiencing my self when I am aware of Awareness.

Can you help?


Ted: We cannot experience the self as an object because the self is limitless conscious existence and, therefore, has no limiting parameters by which it can be distinguished as a discrete object. We do, however, experience the self in the sense that we are the self. That is to say that we exist and we know we exist. This knowing takes place in the mind of the apparent individual, and thus the self is not the knower. But the self is the “light” of consciousness that enlivens and illumines the mind and thereby enables the mind to both perceive objective forms and apprehend (what you refer to as “sensing…without sense organs”) its essential nature as limitless conscious existence through the mental negation of all objective phenomena that results from self-inquiry.