NDE’s Do Exist, but They Are Not Real

Hello Ted,
I just read your post about No NDE’s for Non-Dual Awareness. Just wanted to make it super clear. Does NDE’s exist or it does not exist. Are the people claiming to have NDE’s telling the truth or just plain lying? Personally, I don’t believe in it, but it is somewhat not clear in the article, whether or not NDE’s exist according to Vedanta.
The answer to this question will clear so many doubts in my mind with regards to the many teachings of Vedanta. Thanks.



Hi, Bernadette.

According to Vedanta, NDE’s do exist; they simply are not real. What is real is that which cannot be negated and does not change. Limitless conscious existence (i.e., the self) is the only “thing” that fits this description. Everything else—that is, anything perceivable, conceivable, or experienceable in any way whatsoever, whether subtle or gross (i.e., physical)—is an object (i.e., an objective phenomenon appearing within limitless conscious existence that has certain spatial and/or temporal boundaries, qualities, and characteristics (i.e., limitations) that make it delineable from both other objects, all of which have different limitations, and awareness-as-such (i.e., limitless conscious existence), which has no limitations and is not an object.

Vedanta does not deny the existence of NDE’s. NDE’s are objects in the sense that they are perceivable (i.e., they are experienced), and thus they are part of manifestation, or the apparent reality. Since they do not last, however, they are not real.

All the best,