Avaruna and Vikshepa Shakti

Avaruna Shakti and vikshepa Shakti I am not so familiar with. Could you tell more shortly about the difference?

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Hi, Elmore.

Avaruna and vikshepa shakti are the two powers by means of which Maya plays the cosmic trick of making Brahman, pure limitless awareness, appear to be the universe, and also by means of which avidya, which is the microcosmic affect of Maya on the jiva, the apparent individual person, causes the jiva to identify himself as a person rather than realizing he is limitless conscious existence associated with a body-mind-sense complex.

Avaruna shakti is the veiling power that causes Brahman to “black out,” as it were, and forget its true nature. Vikshepa shakti is the projecting power that throws the holographic movie of the apparent reality upon the multi-dimensional “screen” of Brahman’s being (or, more simply put, makes Brahman appear to be something it’s not—for there actually is no difference between the appearances and the substrate, just as there is no differences between the wavas and the water). On a microcosmic level, avaruna shakti afflicts the mind with self-ignorance, and vikshepa shakti projects the individual’s interpretation and evaluation of Maya’s projection and thus accounts for the individual’s experience.

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