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Guidelines for People Who Wish to Write to Me

The teachings on this website belong to Vedanta and not to me personally. Vedanta is not a religion, belief system, philosophy, or a school of thought; it is revealed truth and is to be realized and understood as such. So there is never an argument. 

Any bias that the reader may pick up is consistent with the underlying premise: reality is non-dual, suffering is bad and self-knowledge is the only way to permanently remove it. Hence, it is my view that the popular modern ‘take’ on Vedanta, or Neo-Advaita, replete with its ‘satsang’ culture may be useful as an introduction to the idea of non-duality and momentarily inspirational, but it is seriously deficient as a means of enlightenment owing to its lack of a rigorous and systematic teaching methodology and the fact that it is a breeding ground for many erroneous notions about enlightenment.

Please feel free to write to me with any questions you may have concerning Vedanta and self-inquiry.

Before you write to me, it would be helpful for both of us if you would do some preparation.  Please read as many of the articles and satsangs included on this site as possible.  Also, if you are really serious about undertaking self-inquiry, I highly recommend that you read “How to Attain Enlightenment” by James Swartz.  James is my teacher, and he provides an eloquent, insightful, and entertaining overview of the overarching scheme of the science of self-inquiry. The book is not in itself a substitute for interaction with a living teacher, but familiarity with its ideas will lay some groundwork for our dialogue.

If you don’t have the time or feel inclined to do the preparation, however, please feel free to write me anyway.  My purpose in asking you to do this preparation is only to prime your mind so that you can get the most out of our interaction.

It is helpful to provide me with pertinent but brief biographical information, although it is not always necessary. Vedanta cannot be divorced from you and your life.  It is not an intellectual or academic pursuit.  It is natural to feel uncomfortable sharing ‘personal’ details with strangers, but knowing something about where you are coming from can at times be a great help in understanding how your limiting thought patterns developed and how to most effectively help you “see” or understand your true nature.

I respect your privacy and will not share this information with anyone. But please be aware that by writing to me you agree to have the satsang posted on the website anonymously.  I carefully remove all personal details from the posted satsangs and if you do not want a particular satsang to be posted I will honor your request.  It should not be lost on you that this is a free service and it is your duty to honor the rules

Keep in mind that Vedanta is an impersonal teaching and that I do not give psychological or lifestyle advice, except in so far as it is requested and relates to the practice of Vedanta.

Please feel free to contact me at the following address:

The publications on this site are free for personal use and distribution to friends. Inquiries from publishers are welcome.

I am available to give seminars and satsangs.  I do not ask for payment for teaching, only for incurred expenses.

As I have an independent income, this is a non-profit site dedicated to the dissemination of non-dual teachings.  Should you feel inclined to compensate me for my time and/or wish to make a donation for the maintenance of this site or to further the dissemination of Vedanta worldwide, use the donate button at the bottom of this page.